About the studio

SepúlvedaPonce is a full-service architectural and interior design firm. We specialise in attractive and durable designs for residential and commercial projects.

Sepúlveda Ponce was born out of our common desire to create pleasing spaces with a unique style. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients and the degree of dedication we give them to achieve environments that reflect their tastes and aspirations.

We treat each project professionally and individually. This results in projects that are warm, modern and with a style all of their own.

Founders / CEO

Sepúlveda Ponce is founded by Luis Périz Ponce and Beatriz Sánchez Sepúlveda. We are architects graduated from the University of Malaga and we have a Master’s degree specialized in interior design. After many years of experience in various architectural and interior design studios on the Costa del Sol we decided to set up our own project, in order to develop our full potential.

Sepúlveda Ponce is a very important part of our life; it is our illusion and allows us to develop what we are both passionate about: our love for design. It is tremendously gratifying to develop our creativity at the same time that we help to improve people’s lives; that is the engine that drives us to take on each project with great enthusiasm.

Luis Périz Ponce
Beatriz Sánchez Sepúlveda

Architects and interior designers


We work to realize the projects dreamed by our clients and we accompany them during all phases: from the first consulting, the integral design, the license application until the end of the work.

Our intention is not to stop working until the client is completely satisfied with the design and feels fully identified with it. Our designs combine our experience in exterior and interior architecture, developing your project down to the smallest detail so that you can forget, as much as you want, about responsibilities.

Interior Design

Having an interior designer is an investment in your property and your lifestyle. We strive for high quality results, redesigning each space and carefully selecting its materiality so that it will stand the test of time, both in quality and design.

When we work on existing architectural projects or those in the process of being processed, we enhance them with our interior stylistic knowledge and attention to detail. With our virtual images you will be able to visualize the spaces of the property before they are built.


We change the aesthetics of your home or business without the need for construction work. Here the change is produced through the right choice of furniture, paint, textiles and decorative accessories. If you feel like giving a change to the decoration of your property, we intervene in it to achieve harmonious and stylish environments.

We also carry out “home staging”: the quick decoration of an apartment, villa or local for the sale of the property. Increase the value and attractiveness of your property with this service.